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Blossom Bunches

"We are very excited to introduce Blossom Bunches in 2023.  Blossom Bunches are seasonal subscriptions which are easy, convenient, and cost less than buying flowers every week."  

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Choose How Many Weeks

  • 4-week trial period

  • An 8-week subscription

  • A 12-week, full season subscription

  • Half of the 12-week subscription

  • Flowers received twice a month rather than weekly

  • Don't worry, we'll send out reminders when it's your flower week.


Select Your Day

  • Wednesday pick-up at the Moneta Farmer's Market

  • Friday pick-up at the farm

  • Saturday pick-up at the Forest Farmer's Market

  • Have them delivered*, weekday contingent upon address

* Delivery fees contingent upon driving distance

Each week you'll receive the best of our daily harvested flowers curated into beautiful bouquets/arrangements.

Blossom Bunches can start any week once flowers start blooming (around early May), and can continue until the "last rose of summer" blooms (around mid-October). Subscriptions are for consecutive weeks.

Blossom Bunches are similar to a produce CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription. 

Flowers and colors vary from week to week.  Each weekly bouquet palette has a unique mood and tone as if each bouquet is a different painting.


We grow around                                different 


flowers and greens  on the farm.   


We'll get back to you as soon as we can.  

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