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General Farm

General Farm Rules                                                                                           Created January 31, 2022

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.  We are a family operation and find it most respectful if shirts are worn.  Shoes are essential to protecting those tootsies; the ground can be uneven so we recommend shoes with good support, and prefer you avoid wearing flip flops. In addition, the field may include thorns from thistles and brambles, so you’ll want good shoes to protect your feet.

  • Appropriate apparel is required.  We are a family operation, and request that all styles and designs be appropriate for a family environment. 

  • Adults MUST supervise children in their party at all times.  Parties that do not supervise their children will be asked to leave for their own safety and the safety of our other guests.

  • Guests, including children, must stay in the parking area or the wildflower area.  Guests, including children, may NOT go into the woods, into the commercial growing zone, into the barns/buildings, into our home, or into the open meadow without prior authorization or an escort.  This is for the safety of our patrons. 

  • Guests, including children, must respect our pets, treating them kindly. Guests that are disrespectful of our pets will be asked to leave for the safety of our pets and for the safety of all guests.

  • Respect wildlife.  Our farm is a working farm, and is the home of various wildlife members.  The general area is known to have bears, snakes, opossums, foxes, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, fishers, coyotes, and other animals.  This area is their native home, and humans need to act cautiously and respect the wildlife.

  • Walk carefully when out in the field, and wear good shoes.  Our farm is a working farm.  The ground is not smooth like a golf course.  There may be holes and uneven terrain where you could twist or sprain an ankle.

  • We use biological farming practices on our farm.  We do not spray with chemical pesticides that will kill beneficial insects and pollinators.  Therefore, you may encounter bees, hornets, wasps, ticks, and many other insects.  Be aware that ticks are carriers of lyme disease and alpha gal disease.

  • Do not run with scissors, clippers or other sharp objects. Do not run into tools, equipment or machinery.

  • Children (18 and younger) visiting the farm without their parents must provide a signed medical/consent form from their parent(s)

  • Guns and firearms should be left at home.


By coming to our farm, you acknowledge the inherent risks that come with being outside in  wooded and farm environments, and agree to accept those risks.

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