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The "B" Rules

We have lots of wild bees and wasps in the field, and we occasionally see some hornets.  These creatures are very important part of nature, so while we don’t usually want to be around them, they are critical to pollinate plants and to eat insects that feast on the flowers.  The bees, wasps and hornets we’ve seen on the farm tend to be very docile types.  The types we usually see typically only sting you if they are threatened.  Join our Community of Safety Minded Visitors by following the “B” Rules while in the field.


The “B” Rules

  1. Be quiet!  Shhh! An inside voice is best.  Loud noises, screams, yells, and screeches are frightening to bees and wasps.  Then they’ll get worried you’re going to attack or kill them, and could become aggressive.  Show them you’re safe to be around by being quiet. Don’t make them nervous!

  2. Be still! Running, waiving your arms frantically, and jumping are also frightening to bees and wasps.  Be still. Be gentle. Even if they land on you, they are not likely to sting if you are gentle and stop moving, and they usually fly away very soon.

  3. Be kind!  You look like a giant to a bee or wasp.  If you are kind, don’t try to catch them, don’t swat at them, leave them alone, leave their hive/nests alone, then they won’t feel threatened and will probably ignore you.

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