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Wedding Flowers

A woman's wedding, particularly her dress and flowers, is a reflection of her soul.


We want you to have your dream wedding and flowers. Fulfilling your dreams means that we're flexible. 

We love creating bouquets that bring joy to your soul,

yet we're also happy to host bridesmaid parties where we provide the flowers and directions for the bridesmaids to make their own bouquets, and/or for bridesmaids and Moms of the bride and groom to make corsages and boutonnieres.   

We're farmer-florists, so whether your wedding is at our farm OR another venue, we are happy to provide your flowers. 


While we primarily use our own flowers, if the bride wants it and we don't grow it, we’ll get it for the bride. Again, this day is all about you.

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    Certified Chapel Designer, 2024

Bridal Bouquet

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The most important floral item at the wedding is what the bride carries.  It tells a story about her.  It compliments her dress, and brings attention to the bride when she walks down the aisle.  Every bridal bouquet is bespoke, styled to fit that bride, her dress, her colors, her favorite flowers.  And our fresh flowers from the field  have a wonderful fragrance, making the moment even more special for the bride.  The bouquets are truely a sensory experience.

Bouquets, Boutineers, Corsages and More

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Every detail is important, and extends to the flowers for the entire wedding party, parents, grandparents, and special guests.  We will discuss your wishes in detail at the consultation.

DIY Instructional Party


"Many hands make light work."  It's especially true if any part of your wedding flowers will be DIY.  Holding a soiree with bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or others is just the ticket to share a special time with your closest friends and family while also preparing for your special day.  So come, create, laugh, and enjoy what will become special memories from your wedding week.

Venue Decor

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Whether you want floral swags for the ceremony area, florals for the aisle, bouquets for dinner or cocktail tables, decor for guest book tables, or more, we will take care of the details to make your day extra special.

DIY Buckets

IMG_2846 (2)_edited.jpg

Buckets are typicaly a mix of flowers and some foliage/greens.

  • Approximately 60-80 stems contingent on flower type

  • Usually makes around 4 handheld bridesmaid bouquets or 4-5 arrangements, depending on the fullness of your design.

All flowers are hand picked each week. We try very hard to accommodate the flower types and colors you desire.  However, flowers and colors are subject to what is blooming.  (We can't control Mother Nature.)    Please place your order at least 1 week prior to your pick up date.

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