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Hi! We're Roy and Jan Trent.  In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, we were crazy enough to buy some property, move from Ohio, and start preparing the land for our flower farm.  But our story starts many years further back...

I'm from a family of farmers.  On both sides of my family we've been farming for more than 5 generations.  I don't know how many generations back, but what I do know is that 2 farms have been in the family for over a century, and have been touched by 5 generations!  Farm blood runs deep in my veins.

Roy's family is from Appomattox.  His grandfather grew tobacco and told stories of taking tobacco into Lynchburg with a horse and wagon.

Yet neither one of us wanted to pursue farm life.  We left home to pursue college and jobs, married, and had our family (2 awesome children I might add!).  When Roy wanted to return home to Virginia, wheels started turning in my head.  I needed a change....and that is exactly what I got!

of  The Idea

I never dreamed I'd be living on a farm again!  And I definitely never expected to be a farmer.  However, as I considered my next steps the idea of flower farming was placed on my heart and I became smitten with the idea.

Thankfully, my husband has been my biggest supporter. We found our beautiful property, hung up our suits, ditched the briefcases, and put on workpants, hats and boots.  He out-works me every day, and oversees all the infrastructure of the property and the heavy field work.  I could not have done this without him!

Like my father and grandfathers before me, I plan to farm into retirement.  Physically, I'm working harder now than I did in all my younger years. Yet the labor is satisfying, and the farm is serene and relaxing.  It's an oasis, a place to refresh and fill our cups until they over-flow.

Roy and Jan Trent, owners of The Blossom Farm


Commerical flower growing is an adventure.  We are currently growing on about an acre of land, have over 50 types of flowers and foliage, and multiple colors of most flowers.

My alma mater is an ag college, and now I'm wishing I'd taken some agronomy and horticulture courses!  I'm learning so much about  the soil, pest management, compost, fertilizers, and more!

We've recently finished space for weddings and events.  With our million-dollar view it's a natural addition to the property.  Once again, Roy has come to my rescue...putting my wild hair ideas into play by figuring out a plan for the landscaping, electrical needs, etc.  Inbetween my projects he finds other things to do like setting up his own putting green.


I wish my grandpas and Dad could see us now.  I know they'd be proud of what I'm carrying on.  My Dad would be glad that some of the giant screwdrivers and wrenches used on his tractors are now in Roy's toolchest being put to good use.  It's good to carry on a family legacy of farming, and good to add a new chapter (with a twist)  to our story. 

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