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Bespoke Bouquets

Curated Bouquets Designed Just for You

As You Wish

Like in The Princess Bride, we like to respond "as you wish", creating a special arrangement whether you just feel like getting flowers, you need a quick cheer yourself up, it's for a special occasion, or a gift.


We appreciate 24-hours notice, but we understand --  some days you just need flowers. 

            call or text: 740-602-7687, OR                send us a message.

Asymetrical, naturlistic bouquet from The Blossom Farm

Pick-up Time

We are a working farm, so we will notify you of your pick-up window.  If you choose a delivery, most of our deliveries are made after lunch.

Pick-up at 15792 Wyatts Way, Huddleston VA.  We are located on Hwy 24 just west of the New London Airport road.

Sustainable Practices

One of our sustainable practices here at the farm is to upcycle vases.  Some of our vases are new, but others are "like new" upcycled vases.  This helps keep your costs down, and keeps vases out of the landfill. 


All our upcycled vases are thoroughly cleaned in hot soapy water and bleached before they are used. 

We accept vase donations.  We love donations and volunteers, and try to give back accordingly.

The Blossom Farm bouquet of Delphinium, hydrangea, and peonies.
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