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Classes, Workshops, Girls Nights Out, Events & Private Events

Coming Up:


Seasonal workshops and special events open to the community. 

We're currently working on what we'll be offering.

The Blossom Farm tea and bouquets

In the meantime, let's book your private event...

A Girls Night Out,

Scout Event,

Homeschool Field Trip,


Other Group Event.


To book your private event, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


We'll design a workshop to meet your needs.

  • Mother's Day tea and bouquet making

  • Easter Pasanki eggs and basket decoration

  • Dried flower door/wall/welcome signs

  • Pressed flower pictures/suncatchers

  • Lavender sachets

  • Pressing flowers

  • Drying flowers

  • Germinating seeds

  • Caring for flowers

  • Floral arrangements

  • Holiday porch pots

  • Beneficial insects class

Workshop to make welcome signs using dried flowers from The Blossom Farm

Looking for Partners...

We'd love to have some local artists bring their craft or teach classes at the farm. 


Painting? Journaling? Scrapbooking?

Yoga?  Musicians? Let the scenery and the flowers inspire your classes.


Let's talk about an opportunity. Call us or submit your comments below.

The Blossom Farm has a special place for harpists, especially since our daughter is an accomplished harpist.
Painting at The Blossom Farm
The Blossom Farm is a great place to hold a yoga class
The Blossom Farm welcomes musicians to join us.
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