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Meet Our Team

There are never enough hours and days for a farmer, so we welcome all the help we can get. 


In season we're so happy for volunteers; it helps to energize us and keep us joyfully  moving forward.


As a new farm, we just can't keep up with all the farm needs, which is why we welcome volunteers.  While we currently don't make much from the farm, what we do have are a lot of flowers and seeds, which we like to use to bless our volunteers.   And who knows, if business grows, maybe a volunteer position can turn into a job.   If interested in knowing more, please leave us a message or call us so we can tell you more.  

Volunteer Info
Jan Trent, owner of The Blossom Farm

Jan Trent

VIP of Weeds and Seeds

I always hated weeding gardens, and weeds are still my bain!  But it comes with the territory.  On the other hand, seeds have become my weakness.  Since we started this endeavor I've become a seed-aholic. I keep seeing more things I want to grow!  I just don't have room in my current field to grow all the beauties I'd like too.  Starting seeds is a big part of what I do (and planting, and harvesting, and arranging, and...).

Roy Trent from The Blossom Farm

Roy Trent, CEOe

Chief Engineer of Operating Essentials

The Farm would never have gotten off the ground without Roy.  His dedication and hard work can't be beat! He's the brains behind all the things like the irrigation system, the event space, the electrical plan, the equipment.  And he's also the brawn in building the Germination Room,  the greenhouse style Pump House, the landscaping, and so much more.  Perfect partner. 



Weed Squelchers & Community Ambassadors

We have been so blessed by a mix of helpers this year!  I can't say thank you enough for all the support.  Our volunteers are so helpful in keeping the weeds to a manageable level.  I hope they enjoy the flowers, tubers, and plant starters they have received as a "thank you" for all their work!

And I love that our volunteers have been ambassadors to the community as well.  Love you for all you do!

Barn cat at The Blossom Farm


Chief of Rodent Patrol

Buster lived on the farm before we bought it.  We were glad to have him stay on. 


Buster is an essential front-line worker. He takes his job seriously, and patrols the property perimeter early every morning and late in the day.  He typically covers the field in the afternoon, and the barns at night.  He is on call 24/7. 


Although he often looks angry, he's really a softy.  Except to mice and voles. No mercy.

Austrailian shephard at The Blossom Farm


Security Detail

Asher joined us in October 2021.  He has become my bodyguard & his role on the farm is to warn me if there are any large creatures in the woods. 


Asher wants to become a professional ball player, and he spends most of his time at work  trying to find someone to throw the ball so he can field it. 


Inspite of his playing around on the job, he is very good at security, & he's cute and lovable, so we've kept him on.  

Interested in joining our team?

We always have volunteer opportunities available, and what can beat getting some flowers while you're here?  

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