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Blossom Bunches -- Market Bouquets

Blossom Bunches -- Market Bouquets


We are very excited to offer Blossom Bunches starting in 2023.  Blossom Bunches -- Market Bouquets  is a seasonal subscription, which is an easy, convenient, and economical way for you to have beautiful, fresh flowers throughout the season.


We hand select the best flowers from our daily harvests, and curate them into beautiful hand-tied bouquets.  Our market bouquet subscriptions are bundled and wrapped in our trademark kraft  paper.  They're pretty enough you might just want to place them in vase just like they are.


You choose how many weeks to get flowers, which day of the week/where to pick-up your flowers or have them  delivered (delivery dates will be determined by location and delivery fees will be contingent upon distance).



    Each week you'll recieve an arrangement that would cost around $30 at Farmers Market (based on current market value).  Bouquets in May might include some sweet peas or peonies, which will give way to snapdragons, delphinium, roses, and zinnias.  Later on lisianthus and sunflowers will be cheerful additions to your arrangements.  The colors will vary from week to week as well.  One week you may be greeted with a palette that makes you think of a summer day spent in your Grandma's backyard, and another week the palette may remind you of a birthday celebration, or another might just speak to joy in the morning.

    We are offering a trial period (4-weeks), an 8-week subscription, a 12-week (full season) subscription, and a 1/2 season subscription.  The 1/2 season subscription is 1/2 the 12-week subscription with flowers delivered  twice a month rather than weekly. Don't worry, we'll send out reminders of which weeks are your flower weeks.

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