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Why Buy Locally Grown Flowers?

The question begs us to address another question. Why buy fresh flowers? Sadly I've often heard people say they don't buy flowers because they die. While eventually all flowers die, these people are missing out on some of the simplest pleasures in life. The very essence of a fresh flower – the appearance, the color, the touch, the aromas – have been shown to improve our mood and relieve stress. They are a way for you to treat yourself – a “spa day” that can cheer you up for the week! And it’s a gift that everyone around you gets to benefit from as well. Flowers are often the bridge to memories of a special person, a place, an event. Each person’s experiences are different, yet flowers are often a part of the story of our lifes. They help us to be mindful, to refresh, and to be happy.


Most people don’t realize the flowers they buy are usually not “fresh flowers”.


Around 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are sourced internationally! That means the flowers sold in the USA have been harvested, stored, packaged, transported locally, shipped internationally, re-transported locally, stored, and finally make their way to your home. The process is long. The carbon footprint is HUGE! And the flowers are NOT “fresh”.

These internationally sourced flowers are often cheaper than what can be grown here because they're subsidized …and they benefit the international market (but not necessarily the workers). In contrast, locally grown flowers contribute to our local and state economy! Employees receive fair wages. And locally grown flowers may come in a greater variety of colors, forms, and scents. In fact, the fragrance is much better, and local flowers speak to quality.

Most local growers use responsible biological growing methods, because they live where they farm and they love the land. The land is theirs and they are interested in making the soil healthier. They practice water conservation, because they have a vested interest. Locally grown flowers also enhance the natural balance of bees and other pollinators in the area by providing food sources.

Local flowers benefit your local economy and are good for the environment having a low carbon footprint, feeding wild pollinators, and promoting sustainable farming.

Support your local flower farmers!

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